Written and directed by
Gabriel Szollosy, Kico Márquez
Nyika Jancsó
Kico Márquez
Produced by
Daniel Charlone

Documentary film


‘On November 19, 1970, a bomb exploded in my hands. What was the mathematical probability of surviving it?’, asks himself J.J. Cabezas, an engineer.

In 1973, Pepe Vázquez was rehearsing a ballet by Victor Jara when he was taken prisioner and transported to Santiago de Chile’s infamous National Stadium. ‘They put a gun to our heads and made us sing – they didn’t understand that music would free me.’

‘I always behaved well, I was the son of a pastor, after all. Until I realised that I had to act’, says Rubén Artún, the Evangelical pastor.

Does it make sense to plan for life? Is it possible to engineer society? An artist, a philosopher and a scientist relive the turbulent modern history of Latin America, from the intimacy of those who seek absolute liberty.